Yili produced stainless steel wire mesh is appropriate for industrial applications. It is mainly used as a filter cartridge with the functions of screening and filtering.

The security mesh can act as a kind of high-quality invisible window screen. It is exceptionally rigid, durable and aesthetically pleasing. Typical applications of this product are found in high-grade offices or residential areas.

This product has the function of filtering and screening. The Yili filter cartridge works well with fluid, gas or other medium. It is mainly used in industries like agriculture, aviation and aerospace.

The Yili perforated mesh is a kind of decorative and sound-absorbing metal mesh product. It is also ideal for industrial filter applications. The main features of this product include an attractive exterior, high durability and a robust structure.

The Yili manufactured fence netting is a kind of metal mesh widely used for various protection applications. It is usually found in roads, railways, airports, residential areas, municipal engineering and other infrastructures.

A wide range of applications of the expanded metal mesh:
1. Filter basket
2. Fan filter
3. Pharmaceutical

The crimped wire mesh is widely applied in industries such as mines, coal plants, buildings, etc.

Applications of the chain link fence include: fencing, river banks, architecture and residential areas, etc.

The steel grating is purchased from the world’s leading Italian ORSOGRIL company. Both longitude and latitude of the cross bar and flat steel can be customized according to your specific requirements.

The barbecue net can be punched, shaped and polished on the basis of the requested color or structure. It is beautiful, compactly-structured and easy to handle.